Find Discounted Houses with Ease

Can you believe it? An automated system that finds discounted houses for you.

List of Discounted Houses, sent to your inbox by MLS Deal Finder

We have created a system that is simple and straight forward - MLS Deal Finder does all the work, and only sends you information of discounted houses that fit your criteria.

MLS Deal Finder is a CMA system that automatically creates a valuation on all Active properties on the MLS. The system compares the valuation to the listing price and saves the results. If the house is heavily discounted, i.e. the listing price is much lower than the valuation, then it is flagged as one of the "discounted houses", and it automatically sends an analytics report to you. Real Estate investing just become that much easier.

How we find Discounted Houses

Comps, Market Value much higher than listing price, Deal Found

MLS Deal Finder runs an automated CMA (Comparative Market Analysis) whenever there is an update on the market (New Listing, Big Price Drop, Back on Market). The CMA is based on the nearby properties recently sold in the area. If the Estimated Market Value based on the CMA is much higher than the Listing Price, then this is potentially a heavily discounted house.

In this deal we find, the house is listed at $205K, and the market is willing to pay $327K for it, based on recent sales data. If you buy this discounted house at $205K, and sell it at $327K , you can potentially make a profit of $122,000!

Why would anyone sell a house at such a big discount, you ask? Usually, when we find a discounted house, the seller is desperate to sell the house - what we term a "Motivated Seller." Foreclosures, Short Sales, Fixer Upper, REO, Bank Owned Homes, and HUD homes are all examples of having a motivated seller; other times, there is nothing wrong with the house, and a cosmetic upgrade is all you need to extract the profit.

Rental Income Properties

deal found

MLS Deal Finder is the first technology service that specializes in helping investors find great rental income properties.

MLS Deal Finder can find the best rental income property in any market based on rental comps.

If the property’s monthly estimated rental income can pay for all the expenses of owning the property, then it is a good rental income property. These types of properties are great for buy & hold investors or buyers who would like to own a 2nd, 3rd or 4th home, and start building a portfolio of real estate investments.

You can find the best rental income property in your market by searching with Rental Index - the higher the Rental Index, the higher cash flow it can generate for you.

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