FAST Valuation

We offer a system that is faster, better and easier to evaluate properties. Anytime a new listing shows up, MLS Deal Finder will automatically create a CMA Report, which contains the market valuation on the property. The system then compares the market valuation to the listing price and determine if the property have a big discount.
Market Valuation of the discounted house, Excerpt of Comps Report

Be Proactive rather than Reactive

Because MLS Deal Finder can generate thousands of valuations in seconds, it can automatically create a valuation for every property listed on the MLS. This amazing feature allows you to stay on top of the entire market at all times - if there are 60,000 active properties listed, MLS Deal Finder will create 60,000 valuations and single out only the discounted properties for you.

How long will it take you to manually generate 60,000 valuation? It is impossible for a human being to keep track of the entire market manually, let along finding the tiny percentage of properties that are discounted. Fortunately, with MLS Deal Finder and its fast valuation, all the grunt work is already done. You can now be proactive in your deal searching, and only focus your time and energy on the high potential deals MLS Deal Finder finds for you.

Huge Time Advantage

You don't have the time to look for good deals all day. Every day, too many new properties are coming on the market and it is impossible to stay on top of the market without the help of specialized computer programs. Hire MLS Deal Finder and let the power of fast valuation do all the work for you.

By subscribing to this system, you can find properties under market value in an instant; more importantly, with fast valuation, you have the capability to find multiple discounted houses in the same amount of time it normal takes your competitor to find just one deal.


Fast Market Valuation, at your finger tips

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