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Investment Properties

MLS Deal Finder's proprietary technology scans every single property on the market, and identifies houses that are priced significantly lower than the market value.

As soon as a house hits the market, MLS Deal Finder automatically comes up with an estimated market value for the house. If the listing price is significantly lower than the estimated market value, we immediate locate the property and generate an analytics report.

The discounted houses we find tend to be Foreclosures, Short Sales, Fixer Upper, Sold As Is, REO, Bank Owned Homes, and HUD homes. In addition to houses sold by motivated sellers, we also find deals in transitional neighborhoods and those simply needing a cosmetic upgrade.

Fast Valuation

Property Valuation is very time consuming - it typically takes a professional 20~30 minutes to complete a CMA (Comparative Market Analysis, or Comps). With MLS Deal Finder's unique Automated CMA technology, life is much easier.

As it turns out, most of the complicated tasks that goes into completing a CMA is repetitive. These task are extremely time consuming and tedious, but the good news is they can be automated.

Our team of researchers spent years and did just that. With a computer doing most of the work, an automated CMA can be completed in merely seconds, and the real estate expert can spend his/her valuable time evaluating the actual deal instead.

Fast valuation, you have access to deals in your preferred area, all at your finger tips
Comps Reports sent to your inbox, you can analyze the deal right away and make quick decisions

Comps - CMA Reports

Whenever you find a house with a high potential of being a discounted property, you need to evaluate the property and corroborate the comps to make sure it is indeed a good deal. MLS Deal Finder do all the legwork for you by presenting an analytics reports that lets you to quickly evaluate the deals.

In addition to the Comps, each deal comes with a CMA report that includes the Listing Price, Estimated Market Value, Listing Agent Remarks, Property Photos, and much more, allowing you to quickly make Go/No-Go decisions.

Real Time Email Notifications

Say goodbye to the days you have to sit in front of the computer all day looking for deals. You can now get deals no matter where you are, because MLS Deal Finder is working 24/7 to find the best deals for you.

As soon as a discounted property hits the market, MLS Deal Finder will find it within minutes. It will then compile a complete CMA report and automatically sends the information straight to your inbox.

With instant access to discounted houses, you now have a huge first mover advantage. So take action and start dominating the market!

real time notifications goes to your email inbox, you can see deals anywhere with your iPad, as long as you have internet access

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