• Important Things to Repair Before Selling a House Part 2


    Important things to repair before selling a house because leaving repairs for a buyer is not a smart thing to do. In continuation of our last week post.

    5. Lighting

    Lighting can make even the smallest home seem open and inviting. You want to maximize the perception of space, so you will want to take advantage of the many lighting options now available. You can learn more about lighting different spaces online and find a variety of affordable lighting options that will be far superior to the current overhead or stand lights in your house. Take some time to analyze your current space and see if you can find some ways to improve the lighting. If you have “dated” light fixtures this is another area that for a little bit of money invested can translate into a quicker sale.

    Don’t forget natural lighting, either. Ditch the heavy drapes for light colored curtains that let them in the sun.

    6. Refinishing Hardwood Floors

    Without a doubt, hardwood floors are one of the most popular flooring selections in a home. The look of wood floors can totally change the appearance of a home. This is the type of flooring that most home buyers prefer. What does this mean when you are selling? It means that you have your hardwood floors looking their best. Refinishing your hardwoods when they need it can totally change how a buyer views your property. There is nothing like entering a home where the hardwood looks spectacular. The great thing about refinishing hardwood floors is the return on investment which is very high.

    7. Pre-Sale Inspection

    One crucial way to avoid the problems that can swiftly end a home sale is to have a pre-sale home inspection. A pre-sale home inspection can help you identify issues and fix them before you try to sell your home. Unless you are a professional contractor, a real estate agent or a home inspector, you are probably going to miss a few things as you go looking for problems with the home. And even if you are a professional, a home inspection will still be required before a lending company will loan a buyer money to purchase your home. If you don’t find the problems now, you will be forced to deal with them later before you can finalize the sale.

    Have an inspector look over your home, fix whatever is broken and then move forward with your sale – confident that you have covered all the bases.

    Final Thoughts

    Obviously, there are other important things to repair before selling a house like a heating system that does not work, a roof that is leaking, previous ice dam problems, structural issues or something that would prevent a buyer from getting a mortgage. It goes without saying that if the purchaser cannot procure a mortgage, it will be awfully difficult to sell your home. Cash buyers do not grow on trees. So if you don’t have an unlimited budget to make repairs, indeed tackle the issues that would stop a sale from happening first. Once those concerns are addressed, you can then focus on some of the other important things I have mentioned above.

    Leaving repairs for a buyer is not a smart thing to do if you are looking to get the most money for your home. If your home is in deplorable condition and you are just looking to get out with a quick sale, you might want to consider selling to a real estate investor.